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Who is Gillian Triggs and why is she in the news? With more pre-produced food and kitchen gadgets than ever before, is cooking a skill that's still important? And can this man make anything sound good? We put the ABC's Michael Rowland to the test.

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Fifty Shades has lit up the box office and we need to talk. Why do people hate on Pete Evans and his paleo movement so much? And confessions of inappropriate crushes.

Show notes:

Rebecca Sparrow on 6 things teens should know about Fifty Shades of Grey

Pete Evans has some thoughts on wellbeing.  Also, there is this paleo paradox we can't stop thinking about.

Here's a paleo diet explainer

Mia loves Channel 10's Gogglebox (it's on 9pm Thursdays)

Jam loves Channel 10's Sharktank (11pm Wednesdays on Ch 11)

Monz loves the brain training app Luminosity

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Stalin the hottie



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This special breakout podcast is what everyone's talking about, yelling about, protesting about and disagreeing about: Fifty Shades of Grey. 

We take two women that have seen it, each with a different view.

One, a sunshiny soul who hadn't read the books and didn't know what to expect. 

The other, a fiery, give-no-shits powerhouse who devoured all three books, and loved them "with one hand." 

What happens? Shit goes down is what. 

This is the definitive guide to the drama and controversy.  The sex scenes. The global reviews.  The wider social message this movie is provoking.

And, above all, the answer to whether you should bother seeing it.

As Monique says, "It's like Margaret and David. With a lot more fucks."

*warning. Swear jar. Adult themes. 

Show notes

Kate Leaver is a Senior Editor at Mamamia

Shelly Horton is a TV host/ producer and regular on Channel 7.

Monique Bowley should have brought a dictionary along.

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Is Mia Freedman the only other woman that wasn't offended?

The Lisa Wilkinson review that's gone viral.

Rosie Waterland's astonished re-cap/review

And the anti-domestic violence group who say there are 10 ways that Fifty Shades glorifyies abusive relationships. 

The story of the White Ribbon Fundraiser that was cancelled.

And....the soundtrack to the film is phenoms. Thanks for this cover of Crazy In Love, by Sofia Karlberg.

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As this weekend's release of the steamiest movie of the year looms, not everyone is rushing out to buy a ticket.  With calls to boycott the movie for 
"glorifying" violence against women, we ask; why is there such a real-life response to this fictional story?

The "debasement" continues when Monique is cornered into admitting something verrrrry private.

Mega songstress superstar Sia has a social phobia that sees her don wigs for events, cover her face on TV, and wear a paper bag over her head for magazine covershoots. Her approach has raised some interested questions in the age of celebrity: could anxiety ever be used as a marketing tool?

And is it possible to like Jacqui Lambie?


Show notes

Rosie Waterland expected the movie to be a cheesy laugh.  Instead, she walked out on the verge of tears.

Lisa Wilkinson ripped it a new one, giving it one star. And that's was just for the choc-top she consoled herself with. 

Here's 10 deeply disturbing things about Fifty Shades of Grey

Monique is still blushing. Please send messages of support or disbelief to the show facebook page or twitter @moniquebowley 

Steve Knopper from Rolling Stone wrote this great longform profile about Sia and her social phobia,  published in the New York Times Magazine.

The full Jacqui Lambie interview from ABC's Hack is here. (The reporter was Jo Lauder, it's really interesting listening, and an excellent podcast).

Read more about Mia's TV obsession, Scandal.

Not into artsy art? Neither is Jam, but then she saw the Chuck Close exhibition and was blown away. 

Monique is channeling her mind with the Headspace app

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What's it really like being on a reality TV show? Monique knows. She's been on one. And she hasn't eaten a croissant since. Also, it's Rebel Wilson's birthday but her actual real-life age is a mystery.  Why are we so scared of getting older? Mia had a conversation about the pill with both her mother and her 9 year old daughter...but for good reason. And there's a new food movement that is the polar opposite of Pete Evans.

Show notes

Monique on The Great Australian Bakeoff.  (Also you should try baking that spiced cider bread. It is frickin amazing).

Mia is obsessed with The Alex Baldwin podcast - click through or search "Here's The Thing" in itunes.

Jam mentioned this Rebecca Sparrow article about Ageing being a privilege

If you haven't read To Kill A Mockingbird you should put it on your list. It's a classic.

Monique is pumped about the latest in plain food popups: Cereal Anytime

More history on The Pill here.


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