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May 2015
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We’re seeing red over the Tampon Tax.  What the heck is 'hate reading?' A note to every man who wants to send a dick pic. And the case for quitting extra-curricular activities.


Show notes

The Great lotto scandal we're obsessed with.

The 10 most unfaithful names in the world 

If you the rare speciman that likes to see Dic Pics, email

This is how much you would save if the tampon tax was abolished

Sign the petition here. 

Tanya Plibersek on Marriage Equality

Mia recommends Grace and Frankie

Monique recommends the app RunPee

Dee has gone deep into The Duggars.


Your hosts were Mia FreedmanDee Madigan and Monique Bowley

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Why did Mamamia 'out' Rebel Wilson? For the same reason that Jennifer Lopez, a 45 year-old mother of two kids, is wearing a naked dress on the red carpet: because Hollywood demands youth, beauty and lies. 

Show notes:

The J-Lo naked dress

Why Rebels age matters

When George Clooney proposed to Amal...

Even Belle Gibson's mum hates her

How to tell if you marriage will last with two questions.

Leigh Sales is too aggressive.  Says a man.

Monique spoke to the psychologist, Sabrina Read, from Married At First Sight


Mia recommends reading The Insults of Age by Helen Garner in The Monthly

Susan loves the android app Last Message 


Your hosts were Mia Freedman, Susan Carland and Monique Bowley

This podcast is produced by Monique Bowley for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

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Parenting is easy. All pregnant bodies are beautiful. You can eat chocolate cake for breakfast and still lose weight. And this federal budget was definitely not a strategic pre-election sweetener. Welcome to Mamamia Outloud: the podcast that calls out bullshit. Today, why Struggle Street is the most important TV show of the year. Why the budget lockup is like the Hunger Games.  We meet a meditating mother, and ask Masterchef to stop messing with the classics. Finally, we say goodbye to one of the founding members of the podcast team. Sniff.

Show notes

Warning: we use the F word in this episode. 

Rosie writes on Struggle Street

Her piece on Thirty Seconds

The way you sleep says things about your personality, apparently

The time of day you are the horniest. 

Chanting while you exercise. CHANTING. Not Chatting.

What to do if you stuff your fake tan


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Mia Freedman

Jamila Rizvi

Monique Bowley

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Is signing off your text messages and emails with an X inappropriate? We take a look at a new kind of list: The Moral Bucket List. Plus, we go behind the scenes at the Logies. What's it really like behind the velvet rope? 

Show notes

The Logies red carpet  - Stop Revive Survive.

The documentary on Big Bird

The toughest job in TV

Experts say reading to your children at bedtime is an unfair advantage

Support for same sex marriage grows

The book Jam will be reading her baby

Mia loves Chat 10 Looks 3

Monique loves Stephanie Dowrick's book Everyday Kindness


Thanks to Anne for emailing her dilemma into

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