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What we learned from Masa. The TV show making a mockery of marriage. A Weetbix mystery reveals Jamila's dirty secret, and Monique road tests 'Beezin' - the stupidest way that kids are getting high. Oh, and then there's the bit where Mia raps like Nicki Minaj. Of course.

Show notes

The incredible read about the costs and causes of Domestic Violence from Jess Hill at The Monthly 

Amy Stockwell writes on Masa Vukotic. 

What star sign are you now? 

The Tim Tam Scandal and why we loved social media so hard.

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What's all the argy-bargy about the magazine with Margie? What does "leaning in" mean? And the one big problem with binging watching TV.





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Are you a shit feminist? Us too. It's ok. The theory that being a bad feminist is a really good thing. Women commenting on each others appearance: innocent fun or a bit wrong? Plus, crying in public, Kanye's sex breath, and the desperate plea for the return of baby Gary.

Show notes

Sarah MacDonald's wikipedia is here. 

Mia Freedman has one too!

(Monique Bowley does not have one 'cos she is a wikinobody but she is on facebook which is the poor cousin)

The best bits from when women took over Q and A

Roxane Gay's book: Bad Feminist.

There's a crisis in baby names.  Poor Gary. 

Abbott gets a report card as Minister For Women

Andrew Chan is engaged, despite waiting for execution.

Extraordinary revelations of sexism in the medical profession.

Cate Blanchett is making Mia feel quite the underachiever.

Elizabeth Gilbert really liked Sarah's book, Holy Cow.

Elizabeth Gilbert gave this amazing tedx presentation. 

And if you stole Monique's bike, or you know where it is, she would really like it back. She misses it and needs it badly. The bike is a Trek Lexa. This is her on it. (Not crying).

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And Jamila Rizvi will be back next week, she was off on Serious Journalistic Business.


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Claims of alternative medicine curing cancer. Book snobbery. Is celebrating hot chips and meat pies a bit wrong? And we play Smug or Crap.

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