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April 2015
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How social media is changing the way we deal with death. Rosie Waterland reviews The Bachelorette before it's even started. Why is Mia's son taking a pregnancy test? And Jamila says no to mindfulness.

Show notes

Vale, Andrew and Myuran. Our hearts are heavy


Holly Wainwright writes what so many of us are feeling over the Bali 9

And some lighter news

The Kylie Jenner Challenge

The Grey's Anatomy character that made Jam emotional

The Bachelorette announced 

Three reasons you need to know about Amy Schumer right now

Jam recommends The Stalking of Julia Gillard. 


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Motherhood is still considered a benchmark that women should aspire to.  What happens when you have other plans? Will Hillary Clinton smash the biggest glass ceiling on the planet? A work uniform could change your life. And the reason you need to dust off a recipe book this week. 

Show notes

Thanks to Holly Wainwright for co-hosting, you can hear her on This Glorious Mess

Shelly Horton is happily childfree, thankyou very much

Jamila Rizvi has a challenge: cook from Jerusalem.

Monique Bowley is absorbed by ye olde period drama The Paradise - it's on Netflix.

Here's the story about that sex toy that can impregnate you

The woman that wore the same outfit to work everyday for 3 years

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What's the epidemic sweeping through our supermarkets? It's not Halal certification. It's Dominoes. It's been called the new 'Men Are From Mars / Women are from Venus' - we review the Five Love Languages that can boost your relationship. And Tony Abbott's daughter speaks exclusively to us on why her dad is an angry man. 

Thankyou to our normal celebrities that joined us today.

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"There are times when I put photos on my instagram and they get so few likes that I delete them." #GenYproblems are REAL. Today Mia Freedman (of Generation X) goes the hack on all the Generation Y's she's hired. Plus, why is it called 'Good' Friday? And we pay homage to storage.

Show notes

The Larry Emdur Dilemma

Is this the dumbest thing at Ikea?

Mia says Gen X is the best.

Gen Y hit back

Wanna get Netflix? Here's what you should know 

Here's the online catalogue for Country Road, in case you are like Jamila and want to fawn over it, but also like Monique in that you are not posh enough to get the real hardcopy one.

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